Health Modalities, PC  was founded by Cindy Van Valen, LPN, LMT, CT, fulfilling a personal and professional dream to bring ultimate health and wellness to oneself. Those seeking to discover natural ways to embrace the flow of one's mind, body and spirit, will find that here through Cindy's knowledge .

Aromatherapy utilizes natural oils derived from plants, flowers, roots, leaves, bark and stems in various forms of application to enhance psychological and physical well-being. Trained in Young Living Essential Oils and offering Raindrop Therapy Sessions and/or incorporated into any massage or colon hydrotherapy session, maximize restoration with the ancient practice of Aromatherapy.

Physically, Therapeutic Massage is valued for its ability to restore and rejuvenate tired, sore or injured muscles, tissues, tendons and ligaments. Mentally, it is known to relieve stress and tension. Emotions are balanced with the release of endorphins into the system. Overall, Massage Therapy has become one of the leading solutions for optimum health and wellness.

Colon Hydrotherapy is a method of restoring and maintaining the body's natural peristaltic rhythm which has become sluggish over time due to various reasons. This holistic approach to cleansing the digestive tract via the large intestine has been an alternative choice for thousands of years.Colon Hydrotherapy eliminates the use of laxatives, seeking a nondependant course of action to a healthy colon.

Health Modalities, PC

Energy is the essence of all living and non living things. Allowing ourselves access to free flowing energy increases our vitality and overall well being. Life-Lite Energy Tools melds our connection with positive vibes and ourselves to bring forth healthy bodies and environments. Tapping into and directing Energy in a way that generates well-being, is a specialty offered at Health Modalities, PC.

Nutritional guidance and Standard Process Whole Food Supplements are available for purchase through  Cindy, who is trained and an Independent Distributor of the company.  Knowledge and first hand experience with each and every supplement provided lends itself to less guess work and better results. Nutritional supplements are very helpful when seeking better digestion and allowing one's body and mind to function properly.